Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can help your website in a number of different ways and continue to develop.
  • Increased Traffic
  • Direct Communication with Your Target Audience
  • Increasing the Size of Your Audience
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Increasing Your Company's Credibility and Trust Value
  • Reputation Management
  • Attracting Natural Backlinks
  • Building a Loyal Brand Following and Community
  • Promoting Content, Blogs, Specials, Contests, etc.

By using Internet marketing and social media marketing, you will achieve a wider audience and increase traffic to your website through new and innovative marketing strategies.

Social media covers a plethora of different media, including social networking, such as: Twitter. Facebook and LinkedIn, blogs, forums, and social news, like Reddit and Digg. Understanding and using what is being said about your business is the foundation to learning how to make social media work for you.

Blog Creation, Launch Service, & Management Services

Give your company a jolt of personality by incorporating a blog into your website. We Build Pages blog creation and management services will provide your website with an experienced blogger that has the skill and industry knowledge needed to encourage conversation and personality. Your blog will not only be SEO-friendly, but will provide users with a steady and reliable flow of new topics and insight to keep them engaged and interested. Blogs are also portals for customer feedback and a helpful tool for managing and addressing common questions.

Social Media Report & Analysis

Social Media Marketing by We Build Pages examines your site's current social media presence and identifies opportunities to add or improve your social media reach. This report reviews existing widgets and blogs for cross promotion and community building opportunities. Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are all possible forums for engaging potential customers. Successfully incorporate social media into your business; it is easier than you might think, one Tweet can make all the difference! We Build Pages takes the guess work out of social media marketing by researching relevant communities and forums to stimulate potential customer interest.

Online Reputation Management Report & Analysis

There are two important aspects for a business; its reputation and its management. It is undeniable that a customer’s opinion and the people’s word-of-mouth can dictate the success and failure of a business; so it is important to have an understanding of what is being said, appropriately address the negative, and how to effectively market the positive. This report examines your online reputation, as portrayed by the press, blogs, forums and what appears in search results. We research your brand, website, keywords, key phrases, key employees and other names associated with your company. Learn how to make the Internet work for you, through the use of different forums including social media.

Online Reputation Management Monitoring

Our focus is to continue monitoring your website's presence and to remove the negative search results from appearing in the top 10 Google listings. We start with confirming your social media profiles are active and remain active. We will link build to these profiles on a continuous basis and possibly other sites with positive mentioning of your brand in order to build these profiles. If necessary We Build Pages will advise on developing microsites to help gain further control of your brand name in the top 10 Google listings.