Marketing tools are essential to any type on business industry. Like with all the growing business industry, online marketing is growing fast and its tools are increasing in number. There are auto-responders, software for SEO use, link-building programs and content management tools. But there are essential internet marketing tools that you need to be able to run your small business effectively.

Here is a list of effective marketing tools that every business owners should have.

Domain Name

The first marketing tool that you should have is your own domain name. A business owner should know that having the right name that represents the whole company is a starting point of having a successful business. Here are effective rules in picking an effective domain name.

  1. Brainstorm – Make a list of the top five sentences or phrases that will briefly describe the wholeness of the company.
  2. Be unique – Be as unique as possible to prevent your website from being confused with another website that almost has the same name.
  3. Dot com (.com) domain name – Always choose the .com domain names that is available as much as possible. Most people who are using the web are confused with the other terms such as .org and .net. Do not take the chance of losing traffic with this simple trick.
  4. Be Simple – Be aware of how your domain name is spelled. If your domain name is so long or hard to type then you are doing a mistake because there is a great chance to lose traffic. People might not get the right spelling go to another website or might forget the name of your business. Keep it as simple as possible and easy to remember.

Keyword/Key phrases

Keywords are what internet surfers type when they want to know something or find something on the web. Having the right keyword for your website is an essential thing to have if you want your customers to find you. Pick the right keywords and you’ll get the traffic that you are aiming but pick the wrong one means the game is over for you. Here are tips on how to choose the right keywords.

  1. Research – View your best competitors and analyse what keywords they use. Using the same keywords will give you a ride on traffic that they are having by showing in the same search results.
  2. Be Unique – You can also make your own list of effective keywords and add it up to the keywords that you already have. Having your own set of keywords will help you in being unique and having your own name in the web market.
  3. Ask for a professional help – You can find professionals to find you the best keywords as well as t do the research in other stuffs that you need.
  4. Use tools – there are paid and free tools that will help you in evaluating your own set of keywords. These tools will give show you how many traffic is using the same keyword and how effective they are.