It is vital for your small business’s branding and marketing plan to own a web site. There is a specific reason why visitors are coming to your site and you should ensure that you could answer their questions and use your site as a tool to sell your products and services.

 You can easily loose thousands of money once you get Kentucky casinos the wrong design for your website. Then potentially losing even a huge amount of profit and revenue from the money you could be making from a properly functioning and well-designed web site.

 You can grow your earnings by avoiding some of the common mistakes that small business owners do to their web sites.

 Urgency before understanding your market

Before designing your website, you should first research your targeted market instead of hurrying to finish your site. As an example, your targeted market is older people who are usually near sighted. The first thing that you should consider is to make your font larger. However, if you are targeting younger market then you should make your website a web site that can work on smartphones.

 You should be able to determine where your viewers go once they are in your site. This is only answerable if you know your targeted market through your research.

Having a flashy web design

2 Digit Media offers web design and development to your existing or new web site. Our company knows that to be successful on the web means that one must focus on marketing their web site – and not having a flashy design. Your web design should not only focus on attracting visitors but it should also provide the right place once they are in your homepage.

Another reason why web owners should avoid using flashy design is that it doesn’t work well with smartphones and tablets. A small business owner should consider a look that is proper to mobile devices because most of the internet users today are using their smartphones to browse the web.

Tip: It is already given that a visitor knows what he is looking for right before he’s in your site. If by chance that they cannot find what they are looking for in three seconds then they will surely go to another site with the same niche. If this happens, you might want to go back to the drawing board and plan your next move.

No “call-to-action”

There are questions that you need to answer when talking about a “call-to-action” coming from your website. What will your users do once they get your web site? Do you want them to contact you, buy something from you or subscribe to a newsletter from your website?  Do your visitors need to do steps? (it is ideal to advise them that they need to do it now!)

Just like you, there are also questions that your customers have and should be answered. What is there for me? Do I need that? What are benefits that I’ll get? After these questions – it is time for you to send them a call-to-action and what to do next.

Paying too much or too little


There are a lot of companies that are hiring another web design companies like 2 Digit Media to redo their web design after paying for a cheaper design. The problem with a cheaper web design is that it is made out of poor decision making thus ending up with a horrible result. ON the other hand, some companies got distracted by other wed designer that caters to big companies. What they don’t know is that these web design agencies might not be of good help to small business that are focused on their return of investment.

Tip: Do not ruin your budgets on your website rather do your research and invest to a good web design to ensure the quality of your design.

Static or out-dated content

When a customer enters your website it is only normal that they expect the latest information about your services, products and the company. If you are no longer updating your web site then customers might think that you are no longer in the business or simply not update with the latest trends. You should remember that your content should always be update, original and should answer to the needs of your customers (or potential customers). If you own a blog then it is advisable to have an update on your content once a week to ensure that your readers have something to look forward to and at the same time this will help in getting positive results from search engines.

Tip: Avoid putting on a link to your social account if you do not have enough followers to stand up to your credibility.

Targeting everyone

Trying to get everyone as a market will make your web site a mess. This brings us back to having a research on your targeted crowd. Remember that it is still best to identify your most frequent visitors, users and readers to give them the swiftest experience while going thru your site rather than trying to accommodate everyone that passes on your web site.

Doing it by your self

You should know that your web site will be the first contact between you and your customer. Think about the fact that if you do not have a design experience then do you think that you can make justice to your site? Every businessman knows that “first impression lasts” that is why it is really important that you hire an experienced web designer to do your web site. Do not make the wrong decision of designing your own website and let your customers judge your service or products because of your web site.

What web design mishaps blow your mind? Did these mistakes made you think of doing the same actions over and over again?