Search engine optimization also referred to as SEO is a great way of getting a ton of traffic for your website. There is a large group of website owners, web designers and internet marketing experts who believe that SEO is the best way to get high page rank and increased traffic for a website. However, there are still many other ways on how to get traffic for your website without using SEO. Before discussing about the non-SEO techniques for your website, here is a brief introduction to the famous SEO technique.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization has two different categories called “white hat” and “black hat”.

  • Black Hat SEO – this is the term used for those questionable SEO “techniques”. These are the techniques buy SEO professionals to cheat the system and get more traffic to a website.
  • White Hat SEO – These are techniques that don’t break the rules of Google’s Terms of Services.

How can a non-optimized website outrank a site that has SEO?

Yes it is true! Non-optimized sites can outrank websites with SEO. This may sound surprising to some website owners who are paying for an SEO professional to be able to rank. However, if you do not see any SEO technique on a website, it does not mean that it is not using any SEO techniques at all. There are two ways of using SEO and they are: off-page and on-page SEO technique.

This article will only discuss off-page SEO and other non SEO techniques that help websites build traffic and reach higher page rank.

Off-page SEO techniques involve using backlinks to get more traffic to a website. Using backlinks is an important technique because it acts like a “vote” from other relative and non-relative websites suggesting that your content or site must be a good and interesting. There are other ways to improve your website traffic and page rank without suing SEO. Social media like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, bookmarking, press releases and submitting to article directories are just one of the top effective way of generating website traffic without SEO.

Social Bookmarking

Reddit, Digg as well as StumbeUpon are the top three social bookmarking that allows its users to publicly bookmark content or a website. Social bookmarking has a dramatic effect on your website traffic especially if your bookmarks are well received. Although bookmarking is free this kind of strategy is for a long term work. You have to be a frequent user of the sites that submits social bookmarking. Another tip for using bookmarking is that it will work best for website owners who are planning to stay with a specific website for a longer period of time.

Blog Commenting

A popular way of building backlinks and be discovered on the web is by blog commenting. However, many people suing this strategy are not doing it well. Most people are living their home page URL so that people can click on their names and be directed to the website’s home page. What they do not realize is that people will just go out of the website and will not leave a positive review of your site.


One of the best sources of traffic for a non-optimized traffic is by creating Youtube videos. Most likely people want to have a choice on whether to listen and watch you explain your content or just read them for further understanding. It is true that creating Youtube videos take more time and effort however; there is a great chance of receiving more topics and a more straight forward content.